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What Should I Be Looking For In A Used IPod Touch

30% Off Would

They all come with the same warranty as all new Apple products. Honestly, this would be the way I would go about it. You will get a "like" new product at anywhere up to a 30% discount


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IPhone 4s Shutdown Problem

30% Off Stack

I have a iPhone 4s as soon it reaches 30% or Lower it goes off anytime sometime immediately and sometime at 20% what should I do Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.


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Newest 'developer-program' Questions

Deals Version

App Store Promo Codes - What happens if one is used after a new version is released? For example, if I give out promo codes for app version 1.4. And then I release 1.41. Would the version codes for

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What Causes IPhone Low Battery Crashes

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This is the so-called "BatteryGate" and it happens when a battery gets old and cannot provide enough power to the iPhone under "peak load" (ie. when there is a sudden draw on the battery for a large amount of power).The battery freaks out and the phone suddenly dies. In iOS 10.2.1 Apple introduced a controversial software "fix" for this, which was to limit the performance of the phone after

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Should I Disconnect My MacBook Pro's Power Cord When The

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142. My friend told me that I need to disconnect the power cord when the battery is fully charged. Otherwise, I will shorten the life of the battery. Other people say you should drain it once a month or point out that for long term storage, you should charge it to 50% and then periodically (3 to 6 months) bring it back to 50% and store it again.


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Difference Between The Sennheiser I300 And MM70i

Deals Sennheiser

So basically, the Apple exclusive Sennheiser i300 are equivalent to the Sennheiser MM30i. According to the Sennheiser representative, the MM70i has a better bass response and more accessories than either the MM30i or the i300. So, from what I can gather, it seems buying the cheaper MM30i, or the more expensive MM70i, is a better option than the

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Why Is My MacBook Pro Showing The Low Battery Screen While

Deals There's

Cycles isn't the only thing, it also age. I've had batteries last only 18 months and some last the better part of a decade and everything in between. That said, age and number of cycles don't discount manufacturing defects. Remember, these are chemical reaction based products - there's going to be variances. – Allan Nov 14 '18 at 21:14

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Hottest 'in-app-purchase' Answers

$9.99 Off Spotify

Spotify Premium account price on App Store. It's a simple marketing ploy. Apple Music is $9.99 a month Spotify is $12.99 a month, through the Apple Store. Spotify want to match Apple's price, but don't want to cut their revenue to 70% of $9.99, so they're offering you $9.99 direct, rather than $12.99 through Apple.


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Newest 'ios-appstore' Questions

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Buy app after downloaded with promo code I have an iOS app, and I gave all my beta testers promo codes to get free copies. Since they didn't pay for the app they are …

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What Is The Mac Equivalent Of Windows' Power Plans

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One of my favorite features in Windows is the built-in Power Plans. I can change how much energy my computer uses - whether I want it to drain power like there's no tomorrow and get incredible performance or whether I want it to run like a turtle and use 1% CPU at …


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Newest 'ios-appstore' Questions

Deals Apple

Partially redeem Apple Gift Card on App Store. After using £200 of the value of my Apple Gift Card in the apple retail outlet (physical shop), I now have a balance of £500 of which I'd like to put £100 of that towards my App Store credits so I can icloud ios-appstore storage apple-store. asked Jan 6 at 10:58.

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Newest 'battery' Questions

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iPhone 5S suddenly turns off at 30-40% of battery life. I have iPhone 5S with 10.1.1 iOS. I have experienced few situations where my battery life was about 30-40% and iPhone immediately turned off. When I tried to turn on it indicated low battery and kept battery iphone.


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Newest 'ios-appstore' Questions

Deals Purchased

iOS apps “could not be purchased at this time”. Every time I open the App Store on my iPad, after about 30 seconds, a message appears saying that a number of apps "could not be purchased at this time." This problem seems to originate by attempting ios applications ios-appstore. asked Mar 1 '12 at 21:43.

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How do I redeem a promo code?

To redeem a promo code during sign up: Visit and select the option to start your free trial. Enter your name, credit card information and billing address. Under 'Apply Promo Code,' select the link to enter your promo code. Enter the promo code and click Apply.

Is there a 30 percent off Kohls coupon?

Kohl's offers a 30% off coupon about once every month exclusively to their card holders. If you are not a Kohl's card holder, you can get one at Kohl's may send direct mail with the coupon code inside, however not all card holders may get the same mailer, and thus some may only receive 15% or 20% off coupons.

Where can I find promo codes?

Visit the DealHunting website to find coupon codes to fit your needs and desires. Click the "Coupon Codes" tab at the top of the webpage, enter a retailer name in the search box at the top of the page and click "Go.". Alternatively, browse through an alphabetical list of retailers or search for a retailer by merchandise category.

What are some promo codes?

Promo codes for betting websites are codes that consist of a certain combination of letters and numbers, and they are used to attract new customers by offering different types of bonuses and promotions. Since they are used as acquisition tools for new customers, promo codes mostly provide a welcome offer for the website they promote.

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